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Drive past the expansive fields of hay with mountains as their backdrop, to the tiny town of Andover, at the end of two state highways. Another five miles north of town, you drive off the pavement, continuing along the babbling brook for a mile; deeper and further into the mountains. Winding through a beautiful birch forest, on a dappled gravel road, brings you to the top of Skyline Ridge.


Y  O  U     A  R  E     T  H  E  R  E.

Hunt, fish, snowshoe, XC ski, hike, ATV trail direct access, snowmobile direct access from our remote Maine cabins to ITS 82; thousands of acres of forest, trails, streams, secret waterfalls, pools, all at your doorstep. Appalachian Trail just two miles north of our rental cabins. Kayak Richardson or Umbagog Lakes and see nesting bald eagles, or Aziscohos Lake and see a blue heron rookery. Canoe Pond-in-the-River or the Androscoggin River. Ski or zip line at Sunday River Ski Resort or fish Rangeley Lake, both just a short drive away from our vacation rental cabins.. 


Skyline Ridge Vacation Rentals

ANDOVER, MAINE... an historical outpost

Today, Andover is a 3.5 hour drive northwest of Boston, near Bethel and Sunday River Ski Resort. 

In the 19th century, it was a midway stopover on the stagecoach, between the last train station and the Richardson lakes. Hotels were built to accommodate the droves of sports, who traveled from Boston and New York, to hunt and fish in the wilderness. "Fly Rod" Crosby is often credited with marketing the area to the "city folks" who were eager to escape the oppressive heat in summer. The invention of air conditioning contributed to the decline of the area's tourism, and the old wood frame hotels eventually burned down. But the lakes and the mountains endure, and Andover continues as a recreational paradise.

Andover Maine Village Square
Andover Maine in Western Mountains