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A Turtle... in the Woods??

We are on top of a ridge, with the nearest brook being at least a half mile away. So when I walked out our driveway one day, onto the road, I thought I was seeing things. How did a turtle get here? I'd seen painted turtles and snapping turtles in and near ponds, but never this type of turtle. It had a beautiful fringed and textured shell, probably over a foot in length. My first inclination was to move it to the water. It must be lost! But I resisted and left it alone. My research revealed it was a wood turtle, that typically roams on land during certain seasons, but usually not much further than 1000' from a stream. They can live over 50 years. He seemed a long ways off from home, but I left him to his own ramblings, and never saw anything like it since. How lucky I was to have seen this?

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