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Dunn Falls... on the Appalachian Trail

About a mile or so west of East B Hil Road, on the Appalachian Trail, there is a hidden waterfall that is 80' high. We have been there twice; the most recent visit was fishing with our three grandsons. The second time was almost as difficult finding it as the first time; nothing looked familiar. It was almost twenty years back, and memories fade! As soon as one descends down from the road, the trail to the left will bring one to the falls. There is a right turn right near the falls that cannot be missed; after about a mile where the trail ascends sharply up to the left, the falls are on the right. You must scramble over the large boulders to the bottom pool. Fishing there wasn't very productive, but there are two more smaller falls (upper and lower) in the area that had pools full of small trout. The kids loved catching them and throwing them back. Take the loop trail back to B Hill Road for a different hiking experience. It's a bit longer, but interesting.

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