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So Many Mountains, so Little Time!

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

You wonder if you will ever be too old to hike.... I used to make my husband and son go on a hike with me for my birthday every year (if I could talk them into it!) Come to think of it, I think it may have only been once. I am an avid hiker (or walker, I actually love to walk in the woods - not necessarily up mountains) I do walk a few miles, several times per week. I try to go to a new place each time when I can. In winter I snowshoe. When I can talk someone into going up a mountain with me, I hike. Last year, we climbed Tumbledown. For those who have done this, you know it's a bit of a feat for two almost-senior-citizens. The views were amazing, as was the little pond at the top. I've gone up Whitecap in Rumford several times, and the 360 degree view, bald-faced summit and oodles of blueberries were well worth it! I've climbed Baldpate Mountain twice, and the eyebrow trail in Grafton Notch once, all memorable hikes. The advantage to living in the mountains is, you can climb them whenever you want. I should have climbed more of them by now, but I could never find anyone to go; after all, birthdays only come once every decade!

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