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The Best Kept Snowmobiling Secret in Maine

Updated: Dec 6, 2017

Everyone loves snowmobiling in Rangeley. But the secret is, between Rangeley and Bethel are the best trails you will see. The snow is plentiful, but other snowmobilers are not. You'll rarely see bare, worn, dirty, bumpy trails here, because they just don't get the amount of traffic that those other well-known destinations do. And the snowmobile rentals are non-existent, so there are no greenhorns out there to bother you. Load your sleds on, and come to Andover. A short twelve mile ride from our cabins will take you through Sawyer Notch, to Middle Dam. There, you will see a deer yard, and may even be able to feed the deer. The Sugar Shack Camp keeps food in the shed which, for a donation, you can feed to the dozens of deer that yard up here in winter. You can also get to Rangeley from here if you are so-inclined; Umbagog Lake is closer, and Richardson is remote and the scenery is breathtaking!


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