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Tumbledown Mountain has a Fishing Pond at the Top

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

I have to begin with this hike, as it was our last one and most challenging, that I can recollect. But the view from the top is spectacular! It begins on the dirt road to Weld from Byron, up and over the Swift River and Dingle Hill, so-called. There is a parking area near a brook, and the trail begins across the road. It soon separates into two trails; the right hand one goes up the top of a nearby mountain, and the right hand one goes to Tumbledown, which is the one we took. It begins pleasantly as most hikes do, but soon becomes rocky and steeper. Well-marked, and mostly wooded until the top, there is a pond up there that can be fished. The top is bald-faced and delightful. Wherever you go is a better view than the last, and photo ops are plentiful. We came down the way we went up (a huge boulder scramble the last few hundred yards) but there is another way to make a loop and come back along the auto road. I am told it is longer but not as steep. I would guess about two hours up and the same back. Check it out for more info and a map at

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