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Umbagog Lake is Surrounded by a Wildlife Preserve

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

One of our most favorite lakes on the NH Maine border, bald eagles, loons and solitude can be found here. The lake is shallow, so you will catch perch, bass, pickerel and even pike here, but not trout. It is only 15 feet in depth, but huge in area. You can put-in either on Route 26 in Cambridge, or Route 16 in Errol. The latter is probably not for bigger boats, and will require paddling out through the Magalloway River for a mile or so. If you only have a Maine fishing license, don't put your line in until you hit the open lake. This area seems marshy and quieter, away from the camp ground at the other end. You think you would see more wildlife, but the eagles are usually seen nearer Route 16, to the right of the boat ramp, on the island. There are several remote tent camp sites around the lake that are not usually occupied when we have seen them. The lake is usually quiet with few motor boats; we never see jet skis. You can also paddle quite a ways up the Magalloway River, at the north end of the lake. It is deadwater for miles, until it crosses Route 16 for the second time. Paddling down river on the Magslloway will not get you too far; the Errol Dam is pretty close. If you like white water, there is a place below the dam that is rocky and fast (about a mile above Route 26 bridge); I have never tried it, as it is too scary for me!

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