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"Upgraded" Camping is More Comfortable

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

People love camping. I used to, or at least thought I did, until one summer evening on the shore of Lake Ontario, a huge thunderstorm rolled in across the lake, drenching our canvas tent and everything within. We were young, and novices of course, but spending the entire next day at the laundromat was enough to prompt an upgrade. Next, came our little 16-foot used travel trailer. The day we lost control and almost flipped it over on Route One in Wiscasset prompted another upgrade. In fairness to RVers, I must mention that I don't think we had it hooked up right. Nevertheless, we were never again particularly keen on dragging our vacation accommodations behind us. We finally got smart and bought 11 acres of beautiful mountain view land, and installed our little trailer on it.. After awhile, it seemed awfully small. There were no closets for our snowmobile gear. The mice loved keeping us awake all night, running through the walls. The LP heater kept us warm when the 50 mph winds blew on a zero degree night, but the icicles that sealed the door shut (on the inside) were a bit concerning. Apparently, our camper was not for winter use. Another upgrade was in order. A cabin. A couple of years later, it was complete (see future blog about the construction). Yes, the cabin was the answer. In Maine, on a mountain, off grid, surrounded by woods, trails, streams, wildlife.... we found the perfect place to "camp". With a real roof over our heads. Even real sheets on the beds, eventually. Yes, there were more upgrades (blogs to come).

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