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We Built Two Remote Cabins on a Trail

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Building has always been our hobby, ever since we saved an old dilapidated farmhouse from certain death back in 1977. We poured our hearts, souls and money into breathing new life into this pre-Civil War home. It served us well for 25 years, but we knew it was time to move on, to escape the rat race. We already had our vacation home, really a camp, in the mountains of Maine. In the process of expanding it (again!) it was going to be our new home. A year previous, we had the chance to buy over 100 red pine trees from a friend, and jumped at the chance. At the time, we weren't sure why, but serendipity played a major part and we went along for the ride. I had just earned my guide license, was beginning to sell my wildlife art at shows across New England, and the time was right. We sold the farmhouse, packed up our things, and northward we drove. The first year or two were challenges, between a well line freezing, a well "going bad" and the unusually severe winters in 2003 & 2004. We were getting used to the solar power system we had installed and had a few problems with that. But soon things calmed down and the next few years were spent finishing the addition and building a garage. We had the chance to buy 69 acres at the end of our remote road, and we did; why, again, we didn't know. Serendipity. I began to promote my guide business, but had no idea where to accommodate my clients. Again, we stumbled upon the chance to buy some spruce and fir trees from a friend, and we did. The next few years were spent peeling, dragging, cutting, and assembling the logs. Then the finishing began, and we had a cabin. A few years later, the second cabin, a timber frame, was built. I remember cutting pine boards, with the power saw plugged into the generator, despite 30 mph winds and 20 degree temperatures. Moose Mountain Cabin opened that spring. The Tiny House was our third rental; see its blog here.

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