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Snowshoeing... the Ultimate Winter Solitude Sport

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

I love snowshoeing. The scenery, access to rough terrain, wildlife, tracks, views, fresh air.... my favorite thing to do. Of course, the conditions need to be right. Heavy wet snow or fluffy light snow are not ideal. I love the times when the rain has frozen on top and left the crust like concrete. Then, I can whiz across the surface, going anywhere with ease. It's like walking down a city street, but without the city! Finding tracks and following them is an amazingly exciting activity. I also enjoy following small brooks up the mountains to their source. If I can get high enough, I usually start to see moose tracks. For some odd reason, the moose like to go high in winter. Many times, if the timing is just right, we stumble upon shed moose antlers in the sheltered "bowls" between mountains. The trick is carrying them down, as some weigh up to 25 lbs.!

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