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If you love taking the path least traveled while leaving your own trail, you will feel right at home here! Whether you like kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ATVing, snowmobiling, wildlife viewing, fishing, hunting.... there is no end to the things you can do using our vacation cabins as your home base! If this all sounds like tons of fun, but maybe you've never done these things, we have plenty of advice, maps, descriptions for self-guided trips. We also have our own guide; if you want Brenda to plan your entire hiking, moose antler hunting, snowshoeing or kayaking trip, and go with you! See our "Guided Trips" page! Skyline Ridge is your place for outdoor fun!


When the conditions are perfect, you can point to a mountain on the map, check your compass, and head for the top! Along the way you may follow a moose track, spot a snowshoe hare huddled under a fir, see a wing print in the snow where a grouse took off.... What you won't see? Another person!




There are many remote ponds and lakes within driving distance of us. Some are quite large and others very small. The one thing they all have in common, is the lack of crowds and noise. Unfold your map, pick any blue spot on it, strap on your kayak and prepare for adventure! Carry your craft in to B Pond, C Pond, Pond in the River .... we rent kayaks, and offer transport service to the lakes.



With the Appalachian Trail only a few miles away, the smaller trails are extra topping! Whitecap is an easy trek with a delightful 360 degree mountain view reward on top. And tons of blueberries as an extra bonus if your timing is just right. Tumbledown, while a bit more challenging, is well worth the photo opportunities that await you at the summit. Old Speck, Baldpate, ..... you could stay two weeks, climbing one a day, and never get to them all!



Whether you enjoy laying a streamer out on a swift moving current, or bobber fishing with night crawlers in a deep still lake, your opportunities are endless. Blue Ribbon Rapid River is nearby, B Pond with its 24" minimum length on trout; browns and rainbows inhabiting the depths of the Androscoggin River. And, bass and pickerel are always fun to hook at the back of Roxbury Pond.



Miles and miles of trails are directly accessible from all of our rentals.... pack a picnic lunch and hit the road... climb boulders, through mud, over mountains, nothing gets in your way! See coyotes, moose and deer in the back country.



The ITS trail system in Maine is the envy of all. Look at a map and you will see why; they all join together to form an unbroken connection across the entire state. Landowner permission has been obtained for all routes. It's amazing, and yet, as you crest each rise in the trail and see nothing but more woods and breathtaking mountain views, you will wonder who could even own all of this! 


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