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Water, water everywhere...

Updated: Dec 5, 2017

We bought a 26' bowrider in 1996, and used it almost exclusively on Richardson Lakes. A 14-mile long body of water, with a handful of camps, and another handful of boats, makes for a very peaceful, pleasant boating experience. We'd blast up to Black Point and beach the vessel, spending the afternoon on the remote sandy beach, swimming and picnicking. Occasionally, we'd ski or tube, or even fish. After our son grew up, we found ourselves not using the boat much and it seemed like a lot of work, for not that much pleasure.

It began to need work, so we traded the boat in for two kayaks. We can't get up to Black Point anymore, but the trade-off is worth it. It is so simple to throw the kayaks into the back of the pick up and tie them on. Drive anywhere... ponds out in the middle of nowhere, throw them in and off you paddle. Pond-in-the-River, Lake Umbagog, West Arm of Richardson, Aziscohos, a new place each time. And the secret little coves and shallow rivers and streams the kayaks can navigate are amazingly filled with wildlife. We've seen bald eagles, loons, a blue heron rookery, a kingfisher nest in the mud bank, osprey, moose, deer.... it's easy to sneak up on them with no motor!

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